What are the advantages of solid wood furniture? Why is it so expensive?

1. One of the advantages of solid wood furniture is that solid wood furniture has its own unique style and personality. The raw material of solid wood furniture comes from natural wood, which integrates the essence of nature. It combines the long-standing Chinese traditional culture with modern fashion and integrates it into the furniture design. , Give new connotations to furniture, make furniture design more humane, practical and modern, create a new fashion for solid wood furniture, and lead a new trend in furniture.
2. Natural and environmentally friendly. This is the biggest feature of solid wood furniture. In the process of processing solid wood furniture, compared with those wood-based furniture, the amount of glue used is quite small. The amount of glue used affects the environmental protection of furniture. And solid wood furniture is made of natural wood, which is more environmentally friendly
3. Long service life, generally about 5 times that of other panel furniture, and can be used for about 15 to 20 years. Solid wood furniture is expensive because wood resources are used less, so good furniture has collection value.


Strength and durability:Wood is, of course, a long-lasting and robust material and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for longevity from their furniture. Whether you opt for hardwood (Australian oak, blackwood or jarrah, for example) or softwood (hoop pine, celery top pine or pinus radiata), there is an innate stability and reliability to a well-made wooden chair or desk.This durability ensures that wooden furniture offers excellent value for money—and should you ever want to sell a piece, solidly made, well-looked-after furniture can maintain its value over the years.Durability also ensures easy maintenance. Waxing, polishing and oiling only needs to be carried out occasionally, and is an undemanding process.

Sustainability:When responsibly sourced and certified, wood represents an excellent option for sustainability, and is thus an ecologically sound way of furnishing a home.Wood that is responsibly sourced is actually the only renewable building material around—trees that are harvested for their wood can be replenished by new growth. What’s more, the carbon footprint that results from the production and processing of wood products is drastically lower than that for other building materials. And with up to 50 per cent of the dry weight of wood being carbon, they also have the capacity to store carbon, something that’s crucial in the fight against climate change.Another way wood is a sustainable option is that it gives you the opportunity to ‘buy local’ from specialised artisans in your community. This gives you the chance to not only support the local timber industry, but also the local economy.

Versatility:Unlike many other materials, wood looks good in pretty much any setting. Wooden furniture can be a part of any design scheme, be it modern or rustic, and different species will blend together tastefully within one room or house. You might consider spotted gum or red gum for a large dining table and pine for a dresser: either way, these wooden tones bring a seamless grace to any home.And of course, its versatility extends to the outdoors. When treated with oils to withstand exposure to the elements, furniture made of timbers—such as jarrah and treated pine—can look wonderful in the garden or on a veranda.


Why is it so expensive?

There are, essentially, three types of “wood” used in furniture: Solid wood, particleboard or MDF, and plywood.Within these categories, there are high quality and lower quality versions which ultimately will affect the long-term durability of the furniture and the price.The amount of efforts we put into the crafting process is what matters as well.The time lasting look make it stand out among others.

Post time: Mar-29-2021